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are working hard to get vote -- voters to the polls before november 6th. president obama cast his early ballot in chicago as he tried to boost turnout before election day. >> all of you who have not yet early voted i just want everybody to see what an incredibly efficient process this was. >> reporter: it's a strategy the president's team will hope give it an edge in battleground states that will likely decide the election. the president wrapped up a 40 hour tour through four of those competitive states with a rally last night in cleveland. >> i need you, ohio. america needs you, ohio. >> reporter: ohio is also where mitt romney focused his day making three campaign stops. >> the obama campaign is slipping because he's talking about smaller and smaller things. despite the fact that america has such huge challenges and this is such an opportunity for america and that's why on november 6th i'm counting on ohio to vote for big change. >> reporter: no republican ever won the white house without carrying ohio. that has both sides staging aggressive campaigns there to convince voters to cast their b
>>> the final face off, president obama and mitt romney go head-to-head in one last debate before election day. >>> salon shooting a gunman targets a popular day spa shooting seven women during a terrifying jampg. >> ten people came running out of the back of salon with their hands up. >>> decision day. cycling body rules on whether lance armstrong lifetime ban from the sport and erase seven tour de france victories. this is "cbs morning news." >>> good morning. i'm annemarie green. president obama and mitt romney will meet for their third and final debate tonight, the topic is foreign affairs and the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya and iran's nuclear program are expected to be on the agenda. most polls indicate a very tight race and with just over two weeks to go, tonight's meeting could prove pivotal. susan mcginnis is in washington. >> reporter: the two candidates spent largely out of the public eye intensively preparing for tonight, the president up at camp david, mitt romney in florida. no one would have predict this final debate that isn't even focus don't my could be
, president obama and mitt romney tangle on foreign policy and national security. >> mr. president, america has not dictated other nations. we have freed other nations from dictator. >> when it comes to our foreign policy, you seem to want to import the foreign policies of the 1980s. >>> trail of terror. one of the women killed in a mass shooting at a day spa had been terrorized by the gunman for years. >>> cycling's governing body strips lance armstrong of his seven tour de france titles and bans him from the sport for life. >>> and the san francisco giants overcome wet weather and overwhelm the st. louis cardinals to win a trip back to the world series. captioning funded by cbs >>> gorng -- good morning, and thank you so much for joining us. it's now exactly two weeks until the election. president obama and mitt romney met last night for their final debate, and the topic was foreign policy, though they did bring up domestic issues. while they agree on several issues, including afghanistan and syria, it was the president who took the more aggressive line. the race remains too close to call
residents in the town of whitmore were forced to evacuate. 2,000 acres have burned. >>> the obama's administration account of the attack in libya has become a hot button issue. four americans died in the benghazi attack including ambassador christopher stevens. one e-mail said an islamist militant group claimed for the attack on facebook and twitter which played into the administration's claims that they knew it was a terrorist attack. yesterday secretary of state hillary clinton said a facebook posting is not conclusive proof. >> posting something on facebook is not in and of itself evidce. and i think it just underscores how fluid the reporting was at the time and continued for some time to be. >> a tunisian man with alleged ties to the attack was arrested in turkey earlier. he's been returned to tunisia facing terrorism charges. >>> the united nations security council backed a four day truce in syria but that doesn't mean the fighting will stop. the u.n. arab league envoy to syria proposed the four day holiday cease-fire. the syrian government said it hasn't signed on and rebel
. >>> the big push with less than two weeks before the election, president obama and mitt romney sweep across the map drawing up support in key swing states. >> we're on the homestretch now. and i think the people of colorado will get us all the way there. >> people out there are still trying to make up your mine. some of you here may still be trying to make up your mind. >> campaign controversy. indiana's republican senate candidate draws criticism for his comments on race and abortion. >> i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that god intended to happen. >> strengthening storm, tropical storm sandy threatens the caribbean and could power up into a hurricane later today. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for 2012. good morning. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. with under two weeks to go now the race for the white house looks like it will be a photo finish. today president obama begins a two day six day campaign swing to critical battleground states. it includes his 7th visit of the campaign to ohio. mitt romney arrives there
2000 acres have burned but no injuries are reported. >> president obama is in the midst of a 40-hour coast to coast campaign marathon. stopped to vote in his home state of illinois in his campaign blitz includes a stop in ohio. that state's 18 electoral votes may well hold the key to the election. mitt romney is there today as well. susan mcginnis is in washington with more on all this. good morning to you. >> good morning. the candidates are spending every minute they can in battleground states that hold those crucial electoral votes. meanwhile, some comments by a republican senate candidate have interrupted both campaigns. 13,000 people packed a las vegas park for a late night rally featuring president obama and katy perry. ♪ >> it is part of a 40-hour, six-state campaign swing. >> we are pulling an all-nighter, no sleep. if you are not going to sleep, you might as well be in vegas. >> reporter: the president campaigns in florida and va v.a. he will vote in his hometown of chicago and finish the night in ohio. >> ohio could well be the place that elects the next president of the
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)